Sheilla’s Story

Growing up in Africa was a constant adventure. My family moved quite frequently throughout my childhood and everywhere we lived they were constantly involved in charity work. I remember at one point while living in Zimbabwe, my mother would take me along with the other mothers and wives to deliver aid to children in Malawi. Being around young children was wonderful; I absolutely loved it! Watching the smallest acts of kindness change a young child’s life was simply amazing to me. Even though I was only a teenager at the time, I couldn’t wait to become an adult and have a child of my own. When my family moved to Malawi in 2006, our involvement in the villages there grew exponentially. My family prioritized helping others and letting nothing be taken for granted. We saved everything we could and gave as much as possible. From old clothes of ours, to toys, food, and medical aid, my family gave whatever we could to help these children. My parents focused primarily on educating young children, teaching them basic, yet valuable, skills that would help them survive the harsh environments where they lived.

Three years ago, I met with my sister and told her how I wished to follow in the footsteps our parents had made before us. Not long after my sister found a remote village by the name of ‘Chisusu’. This village was hidden away in Malawi and had never been reached by charity organizations. The children who live here were deprived of basic necessities, starving, and the majority were orphans from a young age. As of now, there are over 100 underprivileged children in need of services we can provide. Unfortunately, our limited resources have only allowed us to support about 40 of these children with most between the ages of two and six years old. So far, we have been able to recruit two teachers who help provide basic education to the children in Chisusu. Additionally, we supply these children with food, clothing, and medical attention where needed. It is absolutely heart-wrenching to see these children on the verge of starvation. Nearly 98% of the children in Chisusu suffer from malnutrition. We try as best we can to fight this horrifying statistic, but the reality of the situation is very much real. While our aid is welcomed in the village, it is limited and underfunded. Currently, our organization spends £250 per month of personal capital tending to the needs of the children in Chisusu. This is nowhere near enough to provide what the children need and has thus prompted our organization to look for outside contributions.

 Last year, Angles Across Africa became a registered CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organization) in the United Kingdom, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. This how allowed our organization to receive and collect donations from across the globe and has made a positive impact! Angles Across Africa has recently been permitted to build an orphanage in Malawi where children from Chisusu, and many other villages, can come to. We plan to provide classrooms, a small medical clinic, a play area, and living quarters. Our ambition is to reach as many children across Africa as possible, providing the care they deserve. Additionally, our organization has outlined future projects to help draw awareness to our cause and collect donations for continued work in Malawi. First, we will have a fundraiser called ‘Celebrate Africa’ which will be held on March 2nd 2019 in Lilongwe, Malawi to recognize all those who have contributed to Angels Across Africa. Next, we have a charity fundraiser, ‘Drive to Africa’, where we will visit orphanages across the continent to help provide our services as well as learn how to better serve our children in Malawi.

 Each step, no matter how big or small, in the right direction helps Angels Across Africa provide for underprivileged children in dire need. Every little bit helps and is welcomes with open arms. Thank you for your support!