Your brick will not write you letters…

But your name will be painted on it and a photograph of it will be sent to you!

The uncomfortable truth about donating money to charity is that the money gets swallowed by running costs and marketing before it reaches Africa and by that point it barely scratches the surface.  Our cause will never see any money from large charities because these villages are so remote that the government does not know they even exist!  While the Malawi Government were unable to provide us with any funding for our work, they did grant permission to build on the land.  

With permission to build and expand we can create a centre to look after these kids and their families.  We can crate a place to educate and to shelter orphans and vulnerable children.

Our kids had no say over where they were born.  Each and every one of them deserves the chance to make a better life for themselves.  To do this they need at least a basic education along with medical support and nutritional support.  Without this many of these children will not survive.

Small Charity, Big plans…

Before we got permission to build on the land we were just doing what we could because it needed to be done.  The little things mean allot to those with nothing.  But when we were given permission to build on the land things changed.  We knew we could make a huge difference to lots of lives.  It has taken lots of time and effort to be accepted as a registered charity so brick by brick we aim to build a brighter future for as many children as we can.

If you donate to a large charity you will probably get lots of mail from them.  Sometimes its every month.  So donating £2 a month minus the cost of the junk mail, the staff wages and marketing does not leave us feeling like we made much of a difference.  But imagine this…

What if you could physically see what you have done?  Buying a brick buys much more than a brick itself.  It contributes towards the boring of a well, the medical supplies and proper nutrition needed to keep the kids healthy.  But the brick itself will stand as part of a permanent source of security for children who desperately need it.  Sharing the picture of your brick being laid will assist us in raising awareness of our cause and hopefully encourage more people to get involved.  We know we have a huge task ahead of us but brick by brick we know we can get there in the end.  You will be able to see the village develop live on our website with updates and videos.  You will be a part of real change!

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