Angels Across Africa: Our children Our Future.


 Over a year ago in January of 2015, myself and others created a small group that focused on attending to the needs of children the remote village in Malawi, Africa. Since the beginning, our group has grown solely on the generosity of individual and collective donations. Unfortunately, our group has received no financial support from the Malawi Government as there is currently no funding permitted for our organization. However, the government has permitted our group to build permanent infrastructure on the village land after watching our group’s continual efforts in assisting children in need. With permission to build, we now face the need for funding for basic building materials, such as concrete, bricks, and steel.


We are a registered charity organization in the United Kingdom (Registration number 1163159).



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Angels Across Africa (AAA) is a non-profit organization set up to care for, educate, empower, support, and serve orphans, under privileged children, and families in need across Africa. Additionally, AAA aspires to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

Established in January of 2015, we are caring for a growing number of children using local resources and contributions from individuals and businesses in order to continue our service.

We are helping provide these under privileged children with a healthy and successful start to life by ensuring that their families have access to basic services, such as life-saving health and nutrition advice, and by providing a strong foundation for their formal education in order to prepare these children for future success. Basic education is a right entitled to all children; AAA priorities this over everything else.

Our foundation is built on investing in children’s lives every day. We are dedicated to ensuring every child has an equal and supportive chance for success. Angles Across Africa’s pioneering programs give children a healthy start, the opportunity to learn, and protects them from harm.

We work in communities across all of Africa, making sure children are healthy, nourished, protected, and educated. Through our groundbreaking work in child survival, early education, and protection, we provide children and their families with a strong foundation for the future.

By changing the lives of children now, we change the course of their future and ours.



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